In this tutorial, we will learn how containers are different from previous traditional architectures and how IBM container registry makes our CI/CD lifecycle easier.

Before going through this architecture let me clear you all architecture practices are good and it totally depends on your infrastructure use case.

What is Traditional Architecture :

In early ages, there was a concept of physical servers and on top of it, there’s OS of course to bootup the settings for us. Once our server is up we can deploy our applications there. Now, what’s the constraint here? There is no proper way to limit my resources. Example: Suppose I…

CodeReady is workspace uses kubernates and containers, any user can easily deploy OpenShift cluster with CodeReady containers environment. Easy to setup with zero configurations, faster time to development.

I found this very helpful, tracking your progress, practicing on the local >>> anytime, offline, not countable hours especially if you’re a member with Red Hat subscription, deploy openshift cluster on a single configuration worker node for free, practice as much as you like with full access to openshift cluster, you can perform tasks as kubeadmin including full access to web-console.

I am really impressed with CodeReady Containers. You gain the full…

Using Watson Discovery AI search engine integrated with Watson Assistant AI conversational platform to analyze open research dataset by Kaggle

These days scientists, researchers, doctors, and medical professionals face challenges to develop answers to their high-priority scientific questions.

The rapid acceleration in new coronavirus literature makes it difficult for the medical research community to Keep Up. Therefore there’s a growing urgency for approaches in Natural Language Processing and AI to help medical professionals generate new insights in support of the ongoing fight against this infectious disease.


We aim to assist medical professionals to accelerate their work to help fight COVID19. This will help reduce search time for the medical professional time by accessing a wider range of research resources…

The camera vision object detection is one of the related technology in computer vision such as multimedia image processing and video processing. Today, the AI visual recognition software could help us to watch and monitor in distance. It can be applied in such as Factories, hospitals, food supply chain, transportation, mobile robotics, fly machine robots, etc.

In these tough covid19 times, wearing Mask is a responsibility for everyone in public, the reason behind the mask is for the protection of others by preventing the coronavirus from spreading out. …

Mofaq Althiyabi

Master of CS | CUA D.C. Area U.S.A | IBM Developer Advocate, Passionate about DevOps,containers, serverless.

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